Agnes RF

What is AGNES RF and which conditions can treat?

The AGNES Radio Frequency Microneedling is a new approach to precise facial contouring without surgery. With its revolutionary tissue-specific needle system, Agnes RF is the perfect tools that can safely and non-invasively reduce fat in eye bags and under chin, sculpt the neck and jowl area, tighten wrinkles and enlarged pores as well as treat cystic acne with minimal downtime.

How does Agnes RF treatment work?

Agnes uses the stable and focused radiofrequency energy to contract skin and unwanted fatty tissue through precise needle system. The needles have an insulated coating which protects other structures in the skin as well as the epidermis, minimizing downtime. The depth of the needle has been precisely designed to target the specific anatomical structure of the skin, for a precise application. It can pinpoints under eye bags, which often suggest age and fatigue; the RF energy is delivered to permanently reduce the fat. The minimally invasive treatment only requires topical or local anesthesia.

Is it painful?

Many treatments can be performed with only numbing cream applied 20 minutes before the procedure. This allows the needles to pass through the skin virtually without any pain.
In the case of eye bag treatments and deeper treatments, local anesthetic injections may be used in addition to the numbing cream. In the case of active acne treatments you may be advised to return in 24 to 48 hours for some light bipolar RF treatment plus further drainage of any remaining sebum/pus.

Is there any downtime?

Yes there is slight bruising and swelling that can last 4 to 7 days depending on the extent of the area treated. Smaller treatment areas have less downtime.

How many treatments will I need?

Benefits from a single treatment may be permanent but this does not mean you can treat everything in a single treatment. 2 or 3 treatments may be needed to get the best result. Results vary based on individual circumstances.

Under Eyes Bags Removal

Cystic Acne

Cystic Acne

Double Chin Fat Reduction

Double Chin Fat Reduction

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