Wellness Facials

Organic Essential Facial

(50 mins for $80)

Just the essentials needed to shed dead cells, unclog pores & nourish your new skin with suitable organic mask. This facial includes mild extractions and relaxing massage for face, neck & décolleté. Good for all skin types, all ages, pregnant women; Same procedure could be performed as Back facial.

Oxygen Essence Detox Facial

(50 mins for $120)

Revive your skin with this double dosed Oxygen Infusion facial treatment. Blueberry detox enzyme peel will remove dead skin cells, increase circulation, causing oxygen rush from within to your skin. Then, 100% pure oxygen, treated with vitamins, hyaluronic acid & peptides, is infused directly into your pores. This treatment enhances most skin conditions like aged, pigmented, sensitive, blemished, asphyxiated skin with no downtime.

Diamond Glō Facial

(50 mins for $120)

  • Diamond Glō Back Facial (50 mins for $160)

Get rid of sluggish skin and reveal your youth using diamond tipped microdermabrasion. Skin resurfacing that leaves your epidermis smoother and your complexion brighter. Collagen sheet mask will wrap it up for instant glow and lasting hydration.

Purifying Deep Cleansing Facial

(50 mins for $140)

Acneïc, congested skin will undergo this treatment to deeply cleanse & disinfect your clogged pores; finishing up with tea tree and grapefruit clay based mask to draw out all impurities & refine your pores. Jet Peel dermal infusion add-ons and a biweekly ritual are highly recommended.

CBD GuaSha Facial

(50 mins for $160)

This is a full facial harnessing the healing power of CBD oil enhanced with the administration of the ancient Chinese massage therapy Gua Sha.
By gently gliding multi-faceted Gua Sha tool over a series of meridians, this jade stone breaks up stagnant energy or chi in the direction of the flow of blood and lymph. This process drains the lymphatic system from toxins to effectively reduces inflammation, and promote healing. These relaxing, de-puffing strokes help sculpt facial contours, and lift sagging skin....
Each step of this facial is backed with the benefits of 100% hemp derived. CBD* oil; as powerful antioxidants, CBD helps reduce free radical damage, thus helping reverse visible signs of aging; also as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial powerhouse, CBD helps in clearing acne and soothe inflamed skin.
The Guasha CBD facial incorporates all natural, holistic components that allow the skin to rejuvenate and release its glowing from inside out besides promoting overall wellness.
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*(CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of over 80 compounds called cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis sativa plant)

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